SteelWood® Joist

Benefits of SteelWood®

Developed by Multinail engineers, the SteelWood® Joist is a structural truss that can be used in a variety of construction scenarios, such as flooring and roofing applications.
The versatile structure, manufactured from solid timber and galvanised steel to minimise corrosion, can achieve floor spans of up to 10 metres and roof spans of up to 20 metres with most sheet roofing materials.

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The robust SteelWood® is ideal for loads from 3kPa to 7.5kPa, making it suitable for office spaces, schools and stage floors, for example.
Manufactured off-site and delivered when required, the SteelWood® is simple and efficient to install, and in many cases can reduce traditional concrete slab construction costs by up to 50%.

SteelWood® Webs

SteelWood Webs are a uniquely designed, high strength connector that combines the versatility of timber with the strength of steel to produce fully engineered floor and roofing systems.

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