Short Wall Bracing

Benefits of Short Wall Bracing

  • Tailored to fulfill the bracing requirements of open-plan housing, accommodating fewer internal walls and larger openings.
  • Offers superior bracing capacity compared to conventional sheet bracing units.
  • Requires fewer screws, reducing on-site labour.
  • Available in standardised kits for easy installation.

Design parameters

Short wall bracing using a pair of Stronghold tie-down brackets can provide various options depending on the bracing requirements, ranging from non-cyclonic to cyclonic regions.


Each Multinail Advance product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its suitability and compliance with Australian engineering codes and standards.

Specifically, the hold-down capacity of the Stronghold tie-down brackets has undergone extensive in-house testing using glulam samples sourced from Australian suppliers.

The results from these tests exceeded the theoretical benchmarks established in accordance with AS1720.1.

Short Wall Bracing

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