World Class Machinery for Frame and Truss Industry

Multinail is a world leading organisation with over four decades of proven performance in the design and manufacture of precision quality machinery and systems for frame and truss manufacturing throughout Australia, New Zealand and USA. The leading edge technology and superior engineering in the Multinail machinery range will enable fabricator businesses to achieve faster outputs, increased accuracy, labour saving automation and maximum optimisation of timber.

Cutting & Measuring

The impressive automation within the PieceMaker manufacturing centre leads an extensive and versatile range of Australian made saws, markers and tables providing precise accuracy for a fast and efficient production operation.

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Wall Assembly

From component fabrication to the automation of frame production, this range offers the flexibility to fit your manufacturing needs with some of the most proven and well tested machines giving high productivity through safe, trouble free operation

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Roof & Floor
Truss Assembly

Multinail truss assembly range is market leading with highly developed machinery systems that provide fabricators with considerable versatility and accuracy in producing all types of roof and floor trusses regardless of their complexity.

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