The Character
of Us

Multinail is a dynamic family owned business with its roots firmly anchored in Australia with an industry heritage that extends over forty years.
During that time the company has built an enviable culture of enthusiastic, committed staff vested in the success of Multinail fabricators throughout Australia. Our locally based teams are made up of highly skilled, passionate people with extensive experience and knowledge of the timber prefabrication industry.

Made By Australia

Multinail is an Australian success story progressively developed over more than four decades with a visionary focus of being the only company to provide the timber prefabrication industry with a fully integrated solution of Australian made structural building products, machinery and software.

Quality In Everything

The superior quality of Multinail building products, machinery and software doesn’t just happen. It takes highly skilled, dedicated people working towards a common goal of ensuring everything we supply is produced to the highest possible standards of quality and performance.

Experience Counts

The wealth of industry experience within Multinail ensures fabricators get the best from our partnership. Whether advising on business development, productivity, upskilling staff or giving engineering support, there is a highly skilled locally based team ready to provide whatever service is required.

Innovation Mindset

The family culture at Multinail means we are adaptive and free of corporate constraints creating a stimulating environment where innovation is alive in every division of the company. We encourage people to constantly seek solutions and advancements for the benefit of our fabricators.

What Our Customers Say

Proof positive we go above and beyond
in the support of our customers

Ryan Mansell

Pine Design Truss and Timber

“Multinail is an innovative, proactive and progressive business focused on the Australian industry and the needs of fabricators. I feel comfortable moving into the future that Green is the way to go.”

Brendan Schneider

Operations Manager, Sunbury Wall Frames and Trusses

“The move to Multinail, an Australian family business like ours, has been unparalleled. Nothing is too much trouble, from in house training, equipment and support to the Taylor family making us feel as one. It’s the Australian Way!                                                                         ​

Damien Preston

Owner, Supatruss Townsville

“With a Truss factory, everything begins and ends with the software. It determines what I can deliver to my customers; how clear and accurate the jobs are. I can say with confidence that Cornerstone is 100% accurate – down to the last nail plate.”

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