Engineering Challenges Solved

Multinail’s experienced team of qualified structural engineers are on call to deliver answers to complex framing problems, design and rectification solutions and on-site inspections and advice. To ensure we offer the best possible support to Multinail fabricators, our specialist engineers are locally based in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Structural Design Solutions

Our specialist team of nationwide structural engineers call on over 40 years of timber construction knowledge and experience in delivering solutions to complex and challenging situations ensuring prefabrication designs meet all the necessary requirements of compliance and structural integrity.

On Site Inspections

Multinail engineers are available to assist our fabricators in resolving compliance or structural issues arising during the construction of residential or commercial buildings. With engineers located throughout Australia, the response is immediate ensuring minimal construction delays

Testing and Compliance

The Multinail team of specialist engineers test everything we sell ranging from a single connector up to full scale destructive truss testing ensuring Multinail products remain at the leading edge of design and performance to match the most demanding applications.

Bespoke Design

Multinail engineering can provide specialist design of large span bolted timber trusses while providing the local manufacturing capability to enhance architectural aesthetics with the bespoke design and supply of custom finished connectors.

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