Raked Wall Extruder

Revolutionise Frame Production with Multinail’s Raked Wall Extruder

This innovative technology creates both raked and standard wall frames, eliminating the need for separate lines. Setup time is reduced, maximizing productivity to match standard wall production speeds.

Enhanced Productivity

Say goodbye to additional labour costs as this technology boosts efficiency and accuracy, removing the need for extra workforce.

Streamlined Automation

Consolidate two production lines into one, optimizing space usage and adapting effortlessly to fit into your shed. The technology reads all central design files, ensuring seamless integration.

Comprehensive Local Support

Benefit from full-scale support for frame, roof, and floor truss manufacture, ensuring all production needs are met.
Elevate your production capabilities with Multinail’s Raked Wall Extruder.

See the Raked Wall Extruder in action

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