Roof & Floor Truss Assembly

Preset Roller

Integral to your truss making line, the Preset Roller Press has been designed with resilient engineering and smart technology to accelerate truss manufacture. The simple to operate system rolls over the assembled truss as it makes a partial press of nail plates into the timber component before passing through the Finishing Roller.

Mini 10

Mini 10 is a supreme heavy weight amongst table presses. The 40t capacity and multiple jigging options provide infinite versatility from the fast pressing of standard truss types to the short run production of large span complex trusses.

Jack Roller

Jack Roller is a robustly engineered assembly station designed for smaller hip, jack and saddle trusses. The table configuration allows for multiple operators to assemble individual trusses and feed them through the finishing roller.

Strut Roller

Strut Roller will streamline your floor truss production. The combination of heavy duty engineering and wireless machine control will help accelerate floor truss production, increasing finished quality while reducing labour input and handling.

Roof & Floor Truss Assembly

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