About Multinail Advance

Multinail Advance is an exciting addition to the Multinail Brand. Our core focus is to introduce Multinail’s extensive range of products and services to new markets while innovating and developing solutions tailored to both existing and emerging sectors.

Our primary focus includes multi-residential projects, mid-rise buildings, and mass timber construction.

Multinail Advance is committed to enhancing the competitive edge of our fabricators by expanding timber construction into new markets and contributing to the growth of the Australian timber industry.

Stronghold Tie Down

Stronghold Tie Down is a high-performance, easy-to-install bracket solution available in three different sizes with the versatility to use in multiple applications for supporting timber-to-timber, timber-to-concrete and wood-to-steel connections.
Internally tested Stronghold Tie Down has been designed in accordance with Australian standards and has been rigorously tested to meet the most exacting requirements of multiple applications in timber construction.

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Short Wall Bracing

Tailored to fulfill the bracing requirements of open-plan housing, accommodating fewer internal walls and larger openings.Offers superior bracing capacity compared to conventional sheet bracing units.
Requires fewer screws, reducing on-site labor. Available in standardised kits for easy installation

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Benefits of EcoBrace

Simple and effective site-built portal for achieving loading bearing and/or wall bracing requirements in residential construction with superior capability for withstanding lateral loads.

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