Wall Assembly

Auto Framer

The new Auto Framer is an innovative leap forward in the production of prefabricated wall frames. It has been designed with speed and accuracy in mind utilising the latest technology to automatically assemble walls staggered or straight, single row or multiple noggin rows with the added flexibility to quickly change wall frame thickness and heights.

Raked Wall Extruder

With the capability to produce raked and common wall frames, the Raked Wall Extruder will add a powerhouse of versatility, speed and precision to wall frame production. The technology driven automation will significantly lift productivity and can handle multiple design files with ease as it steps the operator through each stage of the frame assembly process.

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Nocking Station

Nocking Station has been developed for effective and precise cutting of studs and nogs before automatically nailing into position. The software powered operation will drive higher throughput while maintaining a high standard of accuracy.


Sheather uses advanced engineering and automation technology to provide a fast, accurate multifunction system. It clamps and straightens studs from the underside as the nail guns traverse the frame nailing two studs simultaneously at a speed of four nails per second.

Wall Assembly

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