Flexible, easy to use, powerful, accurate.

Cornerstone is a powerful productivity tool. As our Detailers say, Multinail software is used to pay, not play.


Speed of input. Flexibility on the canvas.

We have some of the best minds in the business continually working on refining and perfecting our enterprise-wide software solution. Among users, Cornerstone is acknowledged as being flexible, easy to use, powerful and accurate.


“Cornerstone is 100% accurate, down to the last nail plate.”

Damien Preston, Supatruss

“Cornerstone is a great workman’s tool. In over 1200 jobs, I’ve never had a problem.”

Dean Kidd, Kidd Truss

Cornerstone 2 – Coming soon

Detail complex roofs 50% faster

We recently brought all our Technical Training Officers together for a 2-day training session on Cornerstone 2.  By the afternoon of the second day, everyone was up and running with the new software. Even a couple of new TSOs were detailing quite complicated roofs on the second day.

Cornerstone 2 is a productivity tool.  As our Detailers say, Multinail software is used to pay, not play.


Cornerstone 2
Cornerstone 2

Here’s what you can look forward to in comparison to Cornerstone 1:

  • Completely new roof layout module
  • Detail complex roofs 50% faster than CS1
  • Layout 90% of roofs with automated tools
  • Increased power and flexibility in design
  • Simplified input
  • Easier to learn

What our Fabricators say about Cornerstone

  • Fast, easy to use and follow, accurate
  • Flexible and powerful – from simple spec homes to complex, architectural projects
  • No limitation to the size of the project
  • Cornerstone is a great workman’s tool

Arcare Project case study

Detailing the Arcare Aged Care Facility in Townsville – a breeze with Cornerstone

  • Large, complex job in a cyclonic wind zone
  • 5500 m2 of floor space
  • Girder Trusses up to 22 m
  • Multiple different angles – boomerangs, skylight trusses

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