Fast Forward Production

PieceMaker is an Australian made automated linear saw that delivers the production power and accuracy to significantly increase productivity through the continuous output of multiple cut and printed timber components from stock timber lengths. The advanced technology and touch screen operation of PieceMaker will reduce your labour inputs and provide a dependable manufacturing centre for all your cutting of wall, floor and roof truss members, mitres, birdsmouths, raking plates and more.

High Speed Productivity

PieceMaker Linear Saw gives power, speed and accuracy in one delivering exceptional production efficiencies by establishing an automatic cutting centre that works continuously to maintain truss production at maximum levels.

Precision Engineering

PieceMaker has been designed with heavy duty componentry ensuring absolute reliability and precise accuracy as it speeds through the production of virtually any angle or joint whether from multiple stacks or singles.

Labour Saving Automation

The purpose of automated manufacturing is to reduce labour costs. PieceMaker Linear Saw does that and more by operating with such speed and efficiency that cutting volumes are completed in less time than other saws freeing operators to assist elsewhere within the factory


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