Cutting & Measuring


PieceMaker is an Australian made automated linear saw that delivers the production power and accuracy to significantly increase productivity through the continuous output of multiple cut and printed timber components from stock timber lengths. The advanced technology and touch screen operation of PieceMaker will reduce your labour inputs and provide a dependable manufacturing centre for all your cutting of wall, floor and roof truss members, mitres, birdsmouths, raking plates and more.

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PieceGiver is a cutting-edge, fully automated timber loading system that significantly enhances the productivity of your PieceMaker without requiring an additional workforce. It seamlessly replaces the operator at the head of the linear saw by automatically feeding the machine in a rapid picking cycle, drawing from numerous packs or hoppers. This results in maximum production speed while accommodating the processing of various timber sizes with exceptional versatility.

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Automated Apollo Saw

Automated Apollo Saw is a computerised radial arm saw for fast, efficient cutting of roof and floor truss components. Apollo is an extremely versatile saw with the capacity to precisely cut any angle from 1 to 171 degrees making it an ideal solution for adding an automated single blade saw to your operation.

Steel Nog Trencher

Steel Nog Trencher is a must have for those wanting to optimise their timber usage by replacing timber nogs with steel. Easy to operate as it automatically drives the wall forward cutting trenches into the frame in preparation for steel nog placement and nailing. Steel Nog Trencher is designed to fit into most frame line systems with only minimal modification.

Cutting & Measuring

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