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Multinail is an Australian family owned business specialising in the provision of high quality metal connectors, software, machinery and engineering services to our partner network of licensed timber fabricators. Together we offer an industry wide service supplying prefabricated structural systems designed and engineered for optimising the efficiency and quality of timber construction.

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Our Service

We are committed to supporting our fabricators in all aspects of their business, responding to whatever they need as and when required, never letting location be an issue with specialist Multinail teams located throughout Australia.

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Our Expertise

With over 40 years of industry knowledge, Multinail and its experienced team of specialist engineers are on call to give expert support to fabricators on everything from building design, engineering and compliance to on-site inspections and advice.

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Our Culture

The culture at Multinail is what sets us apart, we place a high value on people and relationships bringing expertise, trust and energy to all our dealings with customers exceeding expectations in everything we do.

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Profit From Our Innovations

Multinail is driven by a desire to innovate, improve and inspire. We explore new possibilities developing
industry leading initiatives for advancing the speed of construction through prefabrication.



MultiStrut joists open web design combines the lightness of timber with the strength of steel to deliver large span capability in a precision built fully engineered flooring system.

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SteelWood® is a structural truss prefabricated for fast and accurate installation with the versatility to achieve floor spans up to 10 metres and roof spans up to 20 metres.

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EcoJoist® is a uniquely designed floor joist system made to precisely configure metal EcoWebs in a way to deliver high load capacity from using light weight structural timber.

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What Our Customers Say

Proof positive we go above and beyond
in the support of our customers

Jamie Fresser


“We have experienced exceptional growth in the last 3-4 years which could not have been achieved without Multinail and their innovative ideas.”

Ross Glennie


“We started in 2007 with 4 people, we now have 150. We’ve achieved this growth by partnering with Multinail who have become an integral part of our business.”

Mark Osmond


The best part about Multinail is they are a family company who retain their staff. You know who you are dealing with and I can call them about anything at any time”

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