Transition to Multinail

“Since moving to Multinail, we've doubled production across all 3 lines”.

Brendan Schneider,
Sunbury Wall Frames & Trusses

Multinail has been able to achieve seamless, successful conversions for Fabricators through an in-depth knowledge of the process, staff who are experienced in conversions, and a large in-house detailing team to support the transition.

sunbury wall frames

Experience in successful conversions

“The move to Multinail has been unparalleled. It feels like a yoke has been lifted from our business. Since the changeover in February, our production has doubled across all 3 lines – walls, floors and roof trusses.”

Brendan Schneider, Sunbury Wall Frames & Trusses

We know that transitioning to a different nail plate /software provider affects every area of your business. We have experienced transition teams who have worked hand in hand with other truss plant owners and staff to successfully and seamlessly transition to Multinail.

We follow the PDCA approach. Plan thoroughly, implement according to the plan (do), continually check/review, then adjust when needed. Never assume, pay attention to detail, address issues as they arise, continually review and improve.

Brendan and Jason from Sunbury discuss the transition process to MultiNail

Seamless, Successful Conversion

We’re across all the details

We have recent experience transitioning other truss plants to Multinail. We place emphasis on attention to detail, meticulous planning and having everything in place before a transition, including contingencies. A large working group puts together your transition plan – including staff from software, engineering, technical support officers, to state BDMs and the national sales manager.

We have a clear plan, but we are also flexible

We have outlined a plan based on our experience with recent transitions. Our proposed timeline is suggested only – we are flexible and happy to align with your priorities/requirements.

Face to face, boots on the ground support – it’s the Multinail way

We are committed to face to face, ‘boots on the ground’ support. This promotes mutual understanding and trust, builds relationships and enables more efficient support and training. We will get to know your staff – we never treat this as a generic process as each truss plant operates with different staff and under different market conditions.

Realistic time frames, building in contingencies

Our proposed stages and timelines have been developed through experience with other transitions. We are well versed in the different stages – from the proposed Ice Breaker event at the start, through the software training to the ongoing support. We allocate enough time, and build in contingencies as we appreciate each truss plants operates in the real world with different variables.

Partnering for success

We have created this plan around the assumption that both our teams would work hand in hand to achieve a smooth transition. We have found that by framing the conversion in a positive way and creating a buzz about the move significantly improves staff buy in and cooperation.

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