We have a long history of developing strong partnerships with our Fabricators. We’re proud of our reputation for providing exceptional support and doing what it takes to ensure our  customers achieve maximum productivity and growth.

Some of our Fabricator success stories


Multinail & TrussCorp have a long history



King Truss

Advanced Truss Systems

Multinail Fabricator feedback

Long term partnerships, growth, and above and beyond support that makes a tangible, bottom line difference.

“We’ve experienced 300 – 400 % growth in the last 3 – 4 years. We could not have achieved this level of growth without Multinail. We’ve saved so much money and unknown hours implementing their ideas.”

Jamie Fresser, Owner/Manager, King Truss

“We’ve achieved huge growth with Multinail. If you don’t go green, you’re missing out.”

Geoff Baxter, Owner, BB Truss and Timber

“We can’t fault their service – it obviously comes from the top. You get the feeling Multinail is genuinely vested in our business – I believe we wouldn’t be in this position without them.”

Joe Hackett, Director, Complete Frames

“We had an issue with one of our saws. We sent it up to Multinail, and within a week the problem was resolved and we had our saw back. That would have taken months previously.”

Brendan Schneider, Operations Manager, Subury Wallframes and Trusses

“As a business, we’ve grown up with Multinail. You can call Trent Taylor and he’ll answer the phone. Stuart is great – I get 100% of what I need. We can speak to Matt Smith at any time. The TSOs are great – it gives you confidence you have their back.”

Damien Preston, Owner, Supatruss

“We base our success on the relationships with our own customers. We couldn’t provide that service properly without the backup of Multinail. Even though we are in a regional centre, we still get face to face service and support – when there’s an issue, it’s fixed.”

Jamie Fresser, Owner, King Truss

“I’ve partnered with Multinail for over 25 years. The best part about Multinail is that it’s a family company and Peter Taylor has always run it that way. They retain their staff so you know who you’re dealing with.

They are definitely more of a partner- I can ring them about anything at any time. From the Engineering guys to the reps – everyone is down to earth and easy to deal with. They are proactive. When there’s an issue you can be confident it will be fixed.”

Mark Osmond, Owner, Advanced Truss Systems

“Multinail has been an integral part of our business. We started in 2007 with 4 people, we now have 150. We’ve achieved this growth by partnering with Multinail – their software, machinery, service.

Multinail and TrussCorp have the same values:

  • 100% sales and service
  • high quality product to site
  • hand pick the best staff in industry, then keep them
  • long term staff, high retention rate, which helps supply chain with builders, consistency.”

Ross Glennie, Director, TrussCorp

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