Research & Development

Multinail offers almost 40 years of continual investment in technology improvement, superior structural timber engineering and high-quality manufacturing. We believe there is a strong future for pre-fabricated products, and we are continually looking for new opportunities and solutions.

We invest in new technologies to ensure our Fabricators are in a strong position to take advantage of new developments in the Frame & Truss industry.

Investment in new technologies

We are currently working on industry first initiatives, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing to drive further estimating and detailing productivity benefits for our Fabricators.

Multinail has a strong focus in developing progressive prefabricated solutions over our 4 key operational areas of Engineering, Machinery, Software, and Service Delivery.

Software Development Path

Software Development Path

  • Single multi-user database with total load transfer (done)
  • Single Roof / floor / frame editing tools
  • Cloud based Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS)
  • Cloud based Factory Management System (FMS)
  • Machine Learning / AI for estimating, detailing, scheduling, monitoring
Machinery Development Path

Machinery Development Path

  • Automated member picking, cutting and stacking
  • Automated Frame assembly
  • Automated Floor assembly
  • Automated Truss assembly
  • Automated materials handling
Service Development Path

Service Development Path

  • Employing more, not less technical staff
  • Deploying more staff to customers for training, not less
  • Using the latest data and communication technologies for feedback
  • Using technology to enhance our personal service, not replace it
Engineering Development Path

Engineering Development Path

  • Innovative Engineering Product Development
  • Engineering Design Solutions to latest technologies in building industries
  • Engineering Testing Solutions for a wide a array of applications
  • Engineering Software Solutions for in-house BIM software

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