Auto Timber Feed System

PieceGiver is a new fully automatic timber loading system that will significantly increase productivity of your PieceMaker without adding to the workforce. It replaces the operator at the head of the linear saw automatically feeding the machine in a rapid picking cycle from any number of packs or hoppers delivering maximum speed of production with the versatility to process multiple timber sizes.

Powering Productivity

PieceGiver supercharges the power and efficiency of PieceMaker taking the automation of timber cutting to an all new level as the two machines work in unison to provide continuous high performance production.

High Speed Delivery

PieceGiver replaces the operator at the head of the linear saw with a dramatic elevation in speed of delivery with just a ten second picking cycle time for accurately loading timber directly on to the infeed deck of the PieceMaker.

Maximum Versatility

Once the timber trolleys are loaded the PieceGiver rapid picking cycle leaps into action ensuring fast, precise timber delivery with the versatility to process a wide range of timber sizes up to 300mm x 45mm LVL.


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