Multinail’s experienced team of qualified specialist engineers is on call to deliver solutions for complex framing problems, design and rectification solutions, and on-site inspections and advice.

Our team

The Multinail Engineering team brings over 75 years of combined engineering experience to the table . Not only do they specialise in anything to do with timber design but they also get involved with many other structural design projects including concrete slab design, steel portal shed design and site inspections.

Testing and building standards

A comprehensive testing laboratory has been established in our Stapylton facility, allowing Multinail’s team of engineers to conduct in-house tests ranging from a single connector, up to a full scale destructive truss testing to ensure that Multinail products remain at the leading edge of technology, while exceeding local building requirements.

Our engineers also work with our software developers and testers to guarantee all Multinail software is fully compliant with any relevant building codes, standards and practices.


Tailored design services

We also offer tailored design services to meet the needs of truss plants, engineered timber manufacturers, consultant engineers and architects in Australia and Asia.

Commercial engineering

For larger commercial buildings Multinail can design everything including the slab, wall frames, floor and roof trusses.
Multinail is also very experienced in the design of large span bolted trusses and timber portal buildings.
Larger office floors constructed of SteelWood trusses also provide a great solution to conceal water and electrical services and still allow easy access for maintenance if required.

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