Nailplated Timber Roof Trusses and Engineered Floor Joists

At Multinail, we embrace the opportunity to connect with education, to contextualise theory delivered in the lecture halls to experience from daily interaction with fabricators and builders.

A highlight of the year is our intake of Engineering interns who work alongside our Structural Engineers on real-world projects, gaining essential experience to complete their degrees. Unfortunately in 2020, we have been unable to work alongside the Interns but look forward to this program starting up again soon.

Another opportunity we look forward to throughout the year is sending our team out as guest lecturers presenting current case studies and core structural engineering knowledge at Unis across AU.

On Thu 10 September, Multinail’s Lead Structural Engineering Manager, David Zhang presented to 2nd year engineering students at USQ a lecture on Nailplated Timber Roof Trusses and Engineering Timber Floor Joists. In addition to providing the history of timber construction, timelines of typical residential timber framed builds and the use of software in construction, David introduced students to the suite of metal connectors available through Multinail supported by case studies.

David Zhang noted the importance of shared knowledge while reflecting on his recent lecture stating –

“Educating undergraduates of civil engineering in university about timber structures and timber engineering designs is important to our industry.  Sharing our knowledge and some real world case studies to future profession engineers will give them some insights of where first principles being applied on timber structure designs. They showed great interest in timber buildings. Comparing with the common concrete and steel design lectures, our guest lecture session focuses on nailplated timber roof trusses and floor joists. It brings them a different angle of view when finding solutions to structural design challenges.

It is great that we can take these kind of opportunities to present and we will keep delivering our knowledge to young generations in universities, TAFEs and organisations in future.”

Thank you to Dr Andy Nguyen, Structural Engineering Lecturer at USQ, for the invitation to present to his students and kind words regarding David’s presentation.

USQ is recently fortunate to have Mr David Zhang Multinail’s lead structural engineering manager deliver a much-sought guest lecture for our second year engineering students.

David skillfully combined the underlying theories of structural design with variety of real-world projects creating a state-of-the-art lecture which was very well received.  David’s passion and enthusiasm on timber structures were amazing and influential in ensuring our students can fully appreciate the value of this unique type of structures. Thank you David, for this wonderful talk.   


To speak with Multinail’s  Engineering Department regarding guest lectures or other outreach collaborations please email