Industrial engineering,
built tough,
built to last generations

In a highly competitive industry, fabricators need advanced machinery that performs day after day after day. Spida Machinery delivers with a proven reputation for rock-solid machinery that’s safe, dependable and built to last.

Spida Machinery, part of the Multinail group of companies, has specialised in designing and building high quality, precision machinery for the Frame and Truss industry since 1978.  Boasting production facilities in Australia, New Zealand and North America of over 6000m2 (64,580’), Spida manufactures a compelling mix of machinery, renowned for their industrial engineering, simplicity of design, accuracy, speed and innovation.

Through continual research and development, in-house servicing and listening to our customers, our global machinery team is relentlessly improving each machine and the technological engineering behind it. Automation is built into our designs with many machines linked directly to the design software so the entire design and fabrication process can be coordinated from a single computer.

We pride ourselves on constantly pushing boundaries, so our customers benefit from the latest developments in technology.


Cutting & Measuring

Spida Machinery has more than 600 computerised saws and over a thousand manual saws around the world and continues to innovate, develop and build quality machinery that best meets the needs of the global frame and truss industry.

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Wall Assembly

From selecting one machine to creating an entire wall frame line, Spida will provide expert and informed advice on what machinery best suits your individual business and manufacturing needs.

Tailored, flexible options

If you would like to update your framing line, one machine at a time, we can place a new machine into your existing line.

If you would like to update your existing frame line as a whole, we can review your needs and production requirements and replace everything to suit your business.

We are flexible and will partner with you to suit your needs and budget.

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Roof and Floor Truss Assembly

We specialise in Truss Assembly for floor or truss manufacture, including roller, platen or c-clamp pressing. Spida has a broad range of options for any sized plant. Offering auto jigging and retro-fit options for your existing tables, Spida can develop and supply your current pressing stations with new pressing capabilities for a fraction of the cost of a new system.

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