Need extra detailing support?

Multinail’s design and estimation service for timber construction.

We offer a complete detailing service for Multinail truss fabricators,
using Cornerstone software.

QuotePro offers a team of trained and qualified Estimators and Detailers who can produce detailing to your specific requirements – timber roof trusses, timber floor trusses and wall frames, including ancillaries, connection details and site layouts.

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“Having this service available has made a huge difference to our  business. We tend to go through  periods where we get inundated with requests for quotes. As a small family business, we have limited resources. Being able to send jobs through to the detailers at Multinail allows us to turnaround quotes within a week… this is significantly quicker than some of our competitors.

We just received some great  feedback from a new customer the other day, who commented on how quickly we were able to provide a quote. The quality of their work is very high too…we highly recommend this service!”

Fiona and Andrew Ferrier, Truss Plus Pre Fab

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