The latest evolution in saw technology.

The PieceMaker is Multinail’s latest Automated linear saw designed to feed, cut, print and eject multiple timber components from stock timber lengths.
Cuts all truss members including mitres and birdsmouths.
This machine is bigger, faster, and more powerful, significantly increases productivity, reduces downtime and allows work to get out to the floor much faster.

Smokin! Speed, accuracy, power. Cutting shown in real time...

“The PieceMaker has effectively halved the time it takes to produce the job.
We were doing 500 – 600 pieces a day, we’re now doing 2000, and I can easily see us doing 3000 pieces.
What would normally take a guy ½ day to prepare and cut is now done in a couple of hours.”

Errol Olive, Cutting Supervisor, TrussCorp.

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To R.S.V.P

Bigger. Faster. Stronger

  • Significantly increases productivity.
  • Reduces downtime.
  • Increases efficiency from cutting timber to production output.


  • Designed and built in Australia for the Australian Market.
  • Local support and spares.

More cost effective

  • Elegantly designed, simpler and more cost effective to maintain.
  • No requirement for expensive maintenance contracts.

Job and Timber optimisation

  • Reduces waste. Cuts nogs from waste.
  • Does Mitre cuts – saves on handling and another machine.
  • Has a built-in ‘Designer’ cut mode (the operator can configure without waiting for the detailer’s drawing).


  • The Sawblade is fully enclosed offering a much safer working environment for the user.
  • Reduces operator fatigue when comparing to traditional cutting methods.

Reduces administration

  • Requires less administration.
  • Easier to optimise as the saw conforms to the business.