Multinail tends to retain its staff. Here are some of our team members who’ve been with Multinail for 15 years or more. Thanks for your great work and commitment over the years. We appreciate it, and so do our customers.

From left to right: Peter Whiteley (19 years), Stephen Burchard (24), Trent Taylor (20), Peter Taylor (38), Ann Tan (15), Allister Stevenson (15), Subhash Subaaharan (20), Matthew Smith (15), David Truskinger (30), Andres Londono (15), Trent Bucholz (13), Fred Hole (26), Kirk Peacock (29), Victor Porchun (15) years

Congratulations on 30 years of great work as one of Multinail's Software Engineers. Peter Taylor awards David Truskinger with a travel voucher for he and his wife. Don't go for too long David - your work is too valuable!

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