The latest evolution in saw technology


The PieceMaker is Multinail’s latest Automated linear saw designed to feed, cut, print and eject multiple timber components from stock timber lengths. Cuts all truss members including mitres and birdsmouths.

Smokin! Check out the power, accuracy and speed of the PieceMaker in action at TrussCorp. Cutting in real time!

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The PieceMaker is Multinail’s latest automated linear saw designed to feed, cut, print and eject multiple timber components from stock timber lengths. The saw cuts all truss members including mitres and birdsmouths.

“We’ve effectively halved the time it takes to produce the job. What would normally take a guy ½ day to prepare and cut is now done in a couple of hours.”

Errol Olive, Cutting Supervisor, TrussCorp.

“Once you lose production in a plant like this, you can’t get it back. Having the guarantee and reliability of local based service and repairs for breakdowns is very important.”

Aaron Hillman, General Manager, TrussCorp

PieceMaker Features

Bigger. Faster. Stronger

Bigger. Faster. Stronger

  • Significantly increases productivity
  • Reduces downtime
  • Work gets out to the floor much faster


  • The Sawblade is fully enclosed offering a much safer working environment for the user.
Reduces Administration

Reduces Administration

  • Requires less administration
  • Easier to optimise as the saw conforms to the business


  • Designed & built in Australia for the Australian Market.
  • Local support and spares.
  • Larger support base
Job and Timber optimisation

Job and Timber optimisation

  • Reduces waste. Cuts nogs from waste
  • Mitre cuts – saves on handling & another machine.
  • Has a built-in ‘Designer’ cut mode (the operator can configure without waiting for the detailer’s drawing)
More cost effective

More cost effective

  • Elegantly designed, less ‘stuff’ in it, simpler & more cost effective to maintain
  • No requirement for expensive maintenance contracts


Cutting heads 1
Drive motor size 6.7hp
Blade size 450mm carbide tipped
Infeed conveyor 6000mm L x 4060mm W
Outfeed conveyor 8000mm L x 2800mm W
Weight 4600kg (approximately)
Power requirements 63amp, 415v, 3 phase +N +E
Minimum finished length 1mm
Maximum finished length 6000mm
Timber height range 35mm – 100mm
Timber width range 70mm – 400mm
Minimum mitre angles 15 degrees
Minimum cut angle 2 degrees


  • Full download capability with Multinail software including FMS
  • Touch Screen Panel PC
  • Operational Software simple to use and train
  • Easy to calibrate


  • Dust extraction system
  • Incline waste conveyor
  • Ink jet timber printer
  • Left hand or right hand feed
  • Spares kit