Mitre Saw



The Mitre Saw is designed to perform a double mitre cut on the end of timber components that are angled between 0 – 45°.




Overall Width 1574 mm
Overall Height 1454 mm
Overall Length 1636 mm
Working Height 824 mm
Weight ~650 kg
Operational Noise 92.8 dB (free running)
98.1 dB (Working)
Timber Feed Front
Air Supply 6-8 Bar (600-800 kPa)
Max Height of Timber to be cut 45 mm
Max Width of Timber to be cut 190 mm (Or 2x pieces of 95mm)
Angle of Mitre Cut 0 – 45°
Saw Blade 138 mm Dia
Saw Arbor 38 mm Dia
Arbor Motor 7.5 kW (10hp)
12.60 amps, full load current
2900 RPM
3PH / 415V / 50Hz
Power Requirement 25 Amp 480V 3 Phase


  • Single pass double mitre saw that removes operator from cutting area
  • Foot switch operated for maximum flexibility
  • Manual angle setting with pneumatic position locking
  • 5mm Insert plate for quick change to 35mm components
  • Vertical and horizontal clamps to hold timber while mitring
  • Robust linear slide and slew ring mechanical components
  • Rear dust removal point
  • 2m roller table for support of long members


  • Additional blades
  • Single roller support stands
  • Left hand or right hand configuration

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