Mini 10



The press head features a design that allows you to press full load off centre so you can utilise any part of the table to make any shape truss that will fit on the table.
Complete jig station for the whole of house construction.



Press head travelling speed 1m / second
Press head capacity 40 tonne
Press head opening 145mm max 25mm min
Platen width 600mm
Pressing cycle 3 seconds
Motor 15hp
Table size 16.5m x 3.0m
Weight 15000kg (approximately)
Power Requirements 32amp, 415v, 3 phase +N +E


  • Table size 16.5m x 3m (Standard table size)
  • Bolt on truss jigging included
  • Safety laser scanner
  • Ride on platform
  • Direct drive
  • Bell Crank pressing action
  • Dual tonnage selector
  • Octobobbins- quick camber set up system


  • Customised table length (built to order)
  • Truss Ejection System
  • Slot bobbin system
  • Nailplate box storage rack
  • Ride on carriage either side of table

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