Personalised Service & Support

Beyond quality connectors, machinery and software, Multinail goes to the next level by providing all the business services, technical support service and training required to run a successful fabricating business.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of over 200 staff covers a wide category of professions and trades including boilermakers, machinists, electricians, structural engineers, design draftsman and software programmers.

Combining real-world experience with technical expertise, our range of services enable fabricators to accurately and efficiently manufacture pre-fabricated structural timber components, such as roof trusses, wall frames and floor trusses for residential and commercial building contractors.

Business Development

Customer facing, ground support for ongoing service and solution-based recommendations for plant managers and owners. We can assist you with all elements of starting, running and growing your fabrication business.

Engineering support

Multinail engineers work closely with our fabricators to ensure prompt delivery of structurally sound, practical, engineering solutions. Our elite team of fully qualified specialist engineers is on call to deliver solutions to complex structural design problems, rectification design details for site modifications, and on-site inspections and advice.

A comprehensive testing laboratory has been established allowing Multinail’s team of engineers to conduct in-house tests ranging from a single connector, up to full scale destructive truss testing to ensure that Multinail products remain at the leading edge of technology. Our engineers also work with our software developers and testers to guarantee all Multinail software is fully compliant with any relevant building codes, standards and practices.

Technical support and maintenance

Our dedicated support staff provides hands on support to fabricators, detailers and truss plant operators ranging from general machinery and product questions, through to software training and technical assistance for detailing challenges. We give you access to the latest developments in technical and operational matters in the world of timber structures and raw materials.


Ongoing software and machinery training is regularly conducted by our qualified staff who are accredited with workplace training and assessment.  Our technical support team is also instrumental in supporting the pre-fabricated timber structure industry and recruit and train suitable people for detailing.

Detailing Service

Need extra detailing support? We offer a complete detailing service for Multinail truss fabricators, using Cornerstone software. We have experienced detailers in-house who can produce detailing to your specific requirements – timber roof trusses, timber floor trusses and wall frames, including ancillaries, connection details and site layouts.

All plans and information are uploaded to –

For more information contact us on  07 3297 3250 or email

Responsive, ‘Boots on the Ground’ face to face service

Responsive, ‘Boots on the Ground’ face to face service

Multinail is renowned for its service and support; dedicated, knowledgeable staff who are passionate about the industry, and our trusted partnerships. We know that high level service and support make a tangible difference to the bottom line.

Extensive Frame & Truss experience

Extensive Frame & Truss experience

All branches of Multinail have employees with extensive frame and truss experience, software support Technical Service Officers (TSOs), Machinery TSOs and Engineers to enable us to deliver a high level of support for our Fabricators.

Ongoing professional development

Ongoing professional development

Multinail also employs IT experts, software developers, electricians and tradespeople.  We provide continuous and ongoing professional development, ensuring our employees are up to date with the latest industry and technological developments.

Online and offline support


Cornerstone is loaded with a free copy of TeamViewer for remote support.

Help Desk

Open 6:30am to 4:30pm (AEST)  on weekdays.

After hours support

Technical Support Officers (TSOs) are typically available for emergency after hour support.

Training on or offsite

Our training is done face-to-face and can be on site or at an off-site location to avoid every day distractions.

software support

Industry leading, ‘boots on the ground’ service and support


  • State Manager
  • 6 Help Desk Staff
  • 2 Technical Service Officers
  • 4 Machinery Technicians
  • 4 Engineers
  • 3 Detailers


  • State Manager
  • 4 Technical Service Officers
  • 3 Machinery Technicians
  • 1 Engineer


  • State Manager
  • 2 Technical Service Officers
  • 1 Machinery Technician
  • 1 Engineer

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