Top Hat Bracket



Ideal for tying down roof battens to rafters or truss top chords.

Pre-punched and formed galvanised steel timber connectors ideal for tying down 70mm x 45mm roof battens to rafters or truss top chords in high winds areas.


Screw Size Number Allowable Wind Loads For 2 Type 17 Screws (kN)
Unseasoned Timber Seasoned Timber
J2 J3 J4 JD3 JD4 JD5
10 5.8 4.4 3.2 6.6 5.0 3.9
12 6.5 5.0 3.6 7.6 5.7 4.5
14 7.6 5.7 4.1 8.5 6.5 5.2

The above table uses withdraw capacities from AS 1720.1 – Timber Structures.

Fixing procedure:

  1. Nail fix each batten to rafter with minimum 2/75mm x 3.05Ø Multinail nails.
  2. Fix each side of bracket with one Type 17 screw as noted above.
  • Screws are Type 17, 50mm long galvanised batten screws.
  • Minimum end distance for:
    No.10 gauge screws 50mm.
    No.12 gauge screws 55mm.
    No.14 gauge screws 65mm..


Manufactured from 1.5mm Galvanised G300 Z275 Steel

Product Code Size Carton Quantity Carton Kg.
TA0423 175x30mm 100 9.0
30mm x 2.8Ø Multinail Nails (TA302)

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