High Load Easy Grip



For a fast, high capacity truss tie down to metal frames.  These formed galvanised steel connectors are ideal for tying down trusses to metal frames for structures located in an area of high wind loading.


High Load Easy Grips are generally used in high wind areas for tying down roof trusses to a metal frame top plate, and can be used in any area where there is a need to tie down high uplift


Fix to truss with 6/12 gauge screws into truss and fix to top plate with 3/12 gauge screws each leg. Total of 12 screws required with each grip


  1. Can use Green Tip #12 screws into timber trusses.
  2. Use Metal Tip screws for top plate.
  3. Do not over tighten screws.
  4. Metal top plate to be minimum 1.6mm G450 steel.


Design Capacities for a Single High Load Easy Grip

Joint group Uplift Capacity (kN)
J2/JD3 24.9
J3/JD4 17.6
J4/JD5 12.4

NOTE: The capacities are derived from AS1720-2010 and are for uplift in houses where failure is unlikely to affect an area greater than 25m2. For primary elements in structures other than houses or elements in a house for which failure would be greater than 25m2 these capacities must be multiplied by 0.94. For primary joints in essential services or post disaster buildings multiply by 0.88. For 2/Grips the values can be doubled.


Manufactured from 1.9mm Galvanised G300 Z275 Steel

Product Code Carton Quantity Carton Kg.
HLEG-50 50 11.2
30mm x 2.8Ø Multinail Nails (TA302)

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