Flat Tension Bracing



Pre-punched galvanised steel tension brace designed to brace timber wall frames in domestic construction.

This pre-punched galvanised steel brace is:

  • Very useful in situations where bracing cannot be cut into studs.
  • The ideal tension bracing system when used in conjunction with a Multi-Tensioner.
  • Practical – it helps reduce on-site labour time as studs do not have to be notched.


Two individually cut pieces of Flat Tension Bracing are required to brace a timber framed wall section.  These pieces should overlap to form an ‘X’.

  1. Secure first end of one piece of bracing into position using 30mm x 2.8Ø Multinail nails.
  2. Stretch the Flat Tension Bracing over the entire panel to be braced, ensuring the brace is taut.
  3. Secure the second end while maintaining tension on the brace.
  4. Repeat this procedure for the second piece of Flat Tension Bracing, ensuring an ‘X’ is formed.
  5. Secure the Multi-Tensioner in each length of Flat Tension Bracing to remove any remaining slack.
  6. Fix T-Plate, Stud Tie or Nail On Stud Tie as required (refer to individual Multinail product brochures).

Please use the relevant Standards to determine the number, location and tie-down of bracing units.  Bracing capacities stated are relevant for wall heights up to (and including) 2.7m.  For wall heights greater then 2.7m, please refer to AS1684.


1.5kN/m Bracing Capacity as per AS1684 Residential Timber-Framed Construction, Table 8.18(b)

No Stud Ties required for 1.5kN/m Bracing Capacity as per AS1684 Residential Timber-Framed Construction, Table 8.18(b)

Detail A


Size(mm) Tension Capacity (kN)
30 x 0.8 5.6


3.0kN/m Bracing Capacity as per AS1684 Residential Timber-Framed Construction, Table 8.18(d)


Size Tension Capacity (kN)
30 x 1.0mm 6.5


  1. Wrap ends of Flat Tension Bracing around plate and fix with nails (Refer Detail B)
  2. Attach minimum 30 x 1.0 Flat Tension Bracing with 2/30mm x 2.8Ø Multinail nails into each stud
  3. Multi-Tensioner
  4. Minimum 70 x 35-F5 Wall Stud
  5. Stud Ties or 1/T-Plate (both sides of frame)
  6. Tie-down as per AS1684/minimum M10 Concrete Screw Anchor


Manufactured from 30 x 0.8mm / 30 x 1.0mm Galvanised G300 Z275 Steel

Product Code Description Quantity Kg.
TA501 30 x 0.8mm – 10m Roll 1 2.4
TA502 30 x 0.8mm – 20m Roll 1 4.8
TA500 30 x 0.8mm – 30m Roll 1 6.0
TA503 30 x 0.8mm – 50m Roll 1 10.0
TA504 30 x 0.8mm – 100m Roll 1 21.6
TA555 30 x 1.0mm – 3.15m Length 250 128
TA556 30 x 1.0mm – 3.35m Length 250 136
TA557 30 x 1.0mm – 3.60m Length 250 146
TA558 30 x 1.0mm – 3.90m Length 250 158
TA559 30 x 1.0mm – 4.20m Length 250 171
TA551 30 x 1.0mm – 10m Roll 1 2.5
TA552 30 x 1.0mm – 20m Roll 1 4.9
TA550 30 x 1.0mm – 30m Roll 1 7.3
TA553 30 x 1.0mm – 50m Roll 1 12.2
TA554 30 x 1.0mm – 100m Roll 1 24.5
NOTE: The 100m Roll requires a special floor-mounted Bulk Coil Dispenser.
Please contact Multinail for more information.
Multi-Tensioner Including wing nut and washer (TA0424)
30mm x 2.8Ø Multinail Nails (TA302)

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