Easy Fix Girder Bracket



Steel girder brackets for easy fixing of timber roof trusses or rafters to timber girder trusses or timber beams – without the need for bolts, nuts or washers

These pre-punched and formed galvanised steel girder brackets are:

  • Ideal for supporting timber roof trusses or rafters without the need for additional bracing.
  • Available in two sizes – 40mm to suit 35 or 38mm timber thickness, and 50mm to suit 45 or 47mm timber thickness.


Mark on the girder bottom chord (120mm minimum) the location of all girder brackets and hangers.
Position the Easy Fix Girder Bracket against the bottom of the girder bottom chord and apply Green Tip #12 screw.
Green Tip #12 screw must be applied until the underside of the screw head is against the Girder Bracket.
Do Not overtighten the screws or use power drills that are too powerful for the job as this may damage the timber, screws and or bracket.

Step 1

Fix 8/35mm Green Tip #12 (4 per wing) to the girder truss.
Double Truss – Use 65mm Green Tip #12 screw to double 35/45mm girders.
Triple Truss – Use 65mm Green Tip #12 screw as above and 2/100mm Black Tip #14 screws each side of bracket.

Step 2

Fix 8/35mm Green Tip #12 screws (4 per side) to the supported truss to ensure that the uplift and anti-rotation features of the Girder Bracket are maintained.


  • The Easy Fix Girder Bracket is only provided with a structural adequacy certificate when used with Green Tip #12 screw.
  • Roof provides diagrams and details of the Girder Bracket type and positioning.
  • For Hardwood bottom chords, pre-drilling holes is required.


  • Multinail recommends the use of roofing screw drivers to fix screws.
  • Green Tip #12 screw self drill through 1mm plates.
  • It is recommended that the Green Tip #12 screws are applied in one action.
  • Supported truss to be hard into girder truss.
  • All screws to be inserted prior to roof truss being loaded to avoid rotation.


Dead Load Dead Load +Live Load Dead Load + Wind Load
J2/JD3 10.0kN 13.5kN 24.0kN
J3/JD4 8.6kN 11.8kN 17.3kN
J4/JD5 6.2kN 8.3kN 12.3kN

NOTES: The uplift in capacities are derived from AS1720-2010 and are for houses where failure is unlikely to affect an area greater than 25m2. For primary elements in structures other than houses or elements in a house for which failure would be greater than 25m2 these capacities must be multiplied by 0.94. For primary joints in essential services or post disaster buildings multiply by 0.88.


Manufactured from 1.5mm Galvanised G300 Z275 Steel

Product Code Size Carton Quantity Carton Kg.
TA225 40mm 24 13
TA226 50mm 24 13
TA225W 40mm No Tab 24 13
Note: Must order appropriate quantity of Green Tip #12
35mm Green Tip #12 Screw (TA221), 65mm Green Tip #12 Screw (TA222)
100mm Black Tip #14 Screw (TA237)

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