Our most successful saw to date.

Smokin'! Cutting in real time.

See why the PieceMaker is our most successful saw to date.

Customer feedback

Faster output, increased productivity

“We’ve effectively halved the time it takes to produce the job. What would normally take a guy ½ day to prepare and cut is now done in a couple of hours. Also, we were doing 500 – 600 pieces a day, we’re now doing 2000 and I can easily see us doing 3000 pieces.”

Errol Olive | TrussCorp

Reduction in labour

“We replaced four people operating in a different section with this machine,” says Cheney. “This saw has replaced three manual saws we had operating before. We’ve kept the staff members on and retrained them in different areas, so we can upskill them to new roles and help them develop, too.”

Leon Cheney | Westruss

Improved safety, deskilling

“We purchased the PieceMaker for OH&S reasons. As the PieceMaker is automated, the whole manual side of the operation is removed. You can also put just about anyone on the PieceMaker and they’ll pick it up quickly."

Stephen White | Trussted Frames & Trusses Tamworth


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The PieceMaker is Multinail's latest automated linear saw designed to feed, cut, print and eject multiple timer components from stock timber lengths. The saw cuts all truss members including mitres and birdsmouths.

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