A day to remind us about the importance of connection.

Image features (l-to-r) Michael Sadler (Software) and Pooja Trivedi (Design Support)

You have probably seen a number of images and comments around R U OK Day today.

At Multinail, we wanted to provide a starting point for engaging and checking in on each other with a recognition of R U Ok Day and remind our colleagues they aren’t alone. With the MN family and our customers under varying restrictions – unfortunately we can’t take the same approach for everyone but the sentiment is the same.

We are all dealing with unprecedented times impacting not only our working lives but also personal lives. There are more questions than answers but one thing we all have is each other.

One of the key comments around our office was that we missed seeing ‘our people’ – we miss hitting the road and travelling Australia to see customers, catching up with our interstate and international colleagues in person – it just wasn’t the same across a monitor or over the phone. We took that for granted until COVID but human connection is important and at the core of our company.

While we choose different methods to communicate, we are all feeling the impact whether it is something obvious or what we carry quietly through our workdays. Don’t minimise the importance of that connection.

It can be simple – offering to make someone a coffee or just making eye contact and saying good morning. It is also recognising that someone may need a little more – empathy and compassion.

A daily or even weekly check-in on a person can help, just knowing you cared enough to call but also providing them a sounding board to share how they are feeling, ideas they have or sharing your best Dad joke can make a person a little less lonely and anxious. This could also come in different forms for different people. At the end of the day – it is the connection.

Let us not let the restrictions on how we connect lead to not connecting at all. It is about making time for each other.

Image features (l-to-r) Libbee Patel (HR & WHS), Matt Smith (Engineering), Jennifer Villmow (Finance) and Joanne Johnston (Finance)


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